First Jobs/Grad Programs!

Recent grads in English tell us about their first jobs and/or acceptance to grad school!

[New grads, send us your info ( and we will post it here.]

Abby Boucher (’09) graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2016 with a PhD in Victorian literature. She is now a lecturer at Aston University (Birmingham, England), where she is responsible for creating the new English literature department.

Jaimee Deuel, class of 2015, just started the MFA program in writing at Bennington College in Vermont, where she will study poetry. Her instructors at the moment are poets April Bernard and Mark Wunderlich.

Rachael Lynch, class of 2015, will be starting a Masters in English at George Washington University in fall 2017.  She’s especially excited about a seminar called “Screening Shakespeare.” Tip o’ the hat to Nick Clary!

Alex Orlando, class of 2012, is now in the graduate journalism program at UC Berkeley in California. He’s also an editorial intern at San Francisco Magazine. 

Tom Barron, class of 2015, has recently committed to Northwestern Law School, and will be starting there fall of 2017.

Gabby Kondracki, class of 2016, wrote that she started teaching English in Thailand recently. We look forward to hearing more about her experiences and how she got that gig.

Riley Stefano writes: “I had a great post-grad internship this summer that was a great alternative to jumping right into a first job. I explored travel writing further by working for a company called City Travel Review in Edinburgh, Scotland, writing a travel guide for them with a group of students and recent graduates from around the world. During my time there I was able to explore Scotland from top to bottom; from Edinburgh all the way up to the Highlands and the Isle of Skye, while writing both for the company as well as beginning my own website and blog called “Life Is for Living.” With the guide I wrote articles as well as became part of the copyediting team. The travel guide was published in an ebook called “Unlocking Edinburgh.” I found my passion in life, exploring as much of the world as I can because life is meant for living, and the best way to live is to travel to other places and cultures. This one last internship showed me the type of writing I love most of all, the writing that explores other cultures and histories–those that not everyone is lucky enough to see first hand, so people like myself have to share those stories to show them just how much there is to see in the world. I came back at the end of September, and now I am copywriting for the company Wayfair in Boston. I already miss traveling and exploring Europe, but now I get to explore writing about furniture and home decor and writing to make people’s homes their happy place.”


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