2016 English Department Graduates – Congratulations!

Congrats to the following English majors and English and creative writing minors who graduated this year!

Brady, Briana M
Daugherty-Costa, Colleen L
David, Logan P
DeKett, Jordan C
DelGreco, Danielle H
Dillon, Reilly M
Ferdinand, Charlotte M
Giangregorio, Kenneth L
Goyette, Alexa S
Haselton, Sarah A
Helfrich, Jessica R
Jefferson, Shannon M
Kellogg, Gretchen M
Killea, Daniel G
Knowles, Colleen F
Kondracki, Gabrielle R
Kranz, Joshua R
Krehely, Shannon F
Kress, Brianna M
Lariviere, Victoria L
Laves, Samuel S
Lawrence, Daviah D
Loomis, John L
McGovern, Ellen C
McKenny, Katherine R
McKinley, Brianna K
McQueen, Shannon D
Millette, Troy A
Moore, Mollie D
Pfeffer, Megan J
Phelps, Sarah E
Richardson, Karleen A
Spilhaus, Katherine E
Stefano, Riley E
Stern, Beatrice H
Sullivan, Laura K
Warren, Cory D
Wasuta, Cody P
Williams-Prince, Tylik K

















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