What Our Department Offers

The English Department at Saint Michael’s College boasts an excellent faculty, a flexible curriculum, and creative approaches to teaching and learning. 

Our approach: In the English Department at Saint Michael’s College, we study literature as an art form that reveals human nature, reflects human culture and history, and gives us tremendous pleasure along the way. From introductory seminars on the New Yorker and Road Trips to senior seminars on Monsters and Endings, we offer courses that encourage students to examine themselves, encounter difference, and embrace complexity in a rich community of readers and writers. Our department is composed of thoughtful, passionate, interesting teachers, and our courses are dynamic, engaging, and challenging. Students acquire strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills applicable to many fields, as well as a lifelong passion for reading, creativity, and the expansion of the mind.

Our offerings: Our department offers courses in British, American, Irish, and world literatures, as well as writing and film. The ten courses of the major follow a natural pattern, from an introductory seminar (EN 110) through several survey courses and into Critical Theory (EN 325) and a choice of upper-level courses, culminating with a senior seminar (EN 410). The Department also offers two minors: one in literature and the other in creative writing, each requiring five courses. The Creative Writing minor allows students to study literature “from the inside out,” as writers of it, but fosters the same critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills as the major and the literature minor.  (For more info, visit http://www.smcvt.edu/academics/majors-minors-and-curriculum/english.aspx or email any faculty member.)

Careers: What can you do with an English major? English Department graduates have gone to have careers in law, education, writing, and publishing, of course. But the English major is also excellent preparation for any career that requires strong critical thinking and communication skills, and our graduates also have careers in business, law enforcement, social work, politics, software development, web services, telecommunications, and a variety of medical fields.  See our newsletter at https://smcenglishdepartment.wordpress.com/ for examples, and please read the essay on the reverse of this sheet, where one of our recent alums explains the true value of a major in English.

Special opportunities: Our students may work on our literary magazine, The Onion River Review, or on the college newspaper, The Defender; attend our reading series, which brings well-known authors to campus; tutor in the college writing center for editing and teaching experience; and pursue a variety of summer research grants and internships.

Requirements for the English major: 10 courses minimum

EN 110: Seminar in Literary Studies

Three survey courses in American and British Literature.

EN 325: Critical Theory

Four additional electives, including three at the 300/400 level. These may include one creative writing workshop.

EN 410: Senior Seminar

Requirements for the Literature minor: 5 courses minimum

EN 110: Seminar in Literary Studies

One American literature and one British literature survey.

Two additional electives at the 300/400 level; one of these may be a creative writing workshop.


Requirements for the Creative Writing minor: 5 courses minimum

One Fiction Writing workshop

One Poetry Writing workshop

Three additional writing courses that may include repeating the fiction or poetry workshop up to two more times, or taking Creative Nonfiction Writing, Playwriting, Nature and Outdoor Writing, Study Abroad Re-entry, or (with approval) an independent study or internship.






















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